At Home Tailors, we understand the details. This includes both traditional home construction techniques as well as the new methodologies for more sustainable building practices. Details may be as simple as the perfect fit of a door latch or the calculations needed for sizing a high efficiency furnace. Regardless, we delight in getting it right.

We Minimize Your Remodeling Stress by helping homeowners realize their home's true potential. We work in partnership with our clients to improve the comfort, beauty and efficiency of living spaces.

Home Tailors was founded in 1987 by Tim Canfield and molded by his education and training in the environmental sciences. As a result, the daily operations of Home Tailors is guided by the principles of Standard Operating Procedures which produce consistent results task after task and job after job.

Tim's training and experience in the environmental sciences also gives Home Tailors a sincere appreciation for Green technologies and sustainable building practices. From water molecules to sunlight, we understand how home systems work.

Employing the same methods to achieve consistent success in delighting homeowners, Tim has developed long standing relationships with dependable trades-people who honor both the details of their craft as well as design intent. These include like minded specialty contractors ranging from excavators and masons to tile setters, painters and even debris recyclers.

Whether it be nailing down a shingle or securing casing around a window, Home Tailors treats each connection like our reputation, we make sure it lasts. Equally important are our connections to our employees and trade-partners. We are also proud of our long standing relationships with past clients, architects and designers. We and all of our experienced trade-partners are ready to connect with you and your home.