Do you work with architects and/or designers? Do you offer design advice?

Yes and yes! We've had successful relationships with many Twin Cities architects and designers throughout our years in business. We look forward to building your project in professional partnership with your designer. We also have many clients who depend upon our design expertise. Either way works fine with us.

How long do typical remodeling projects take? *(click to see answer)

89½ days. Well, maybe not exactly. Every project, like every homeowner, has unique requirements. So it's difficult to provide anything but a basic, broad estimate. In that spirit, plan on a bathroom remodel taking 1 to 3 months, and a kitchen remodel 2 to 4 months. Depending upon the project scope, conditions and complications, it may take less—or more—time. One thing we can promise: we make effective and efficient use of time, with minimal disruptions to your daily life.

Can I live here during remodeling?

Typically, yes! We know that remodeling projects can be disruptive for almost anybody involved—homeowners, families, pets, even neighbors. That said, our goal is to get the work completed as safely, effectively and efficiently as possible. So tell us your daily needs and, together, let's try to find a way to accommodate them. For instance, we've installed perfectly functional temporary kitchens in adjacent living spaces.

How do you ease the remodeling process?

By planning and communicating. A common source of frustration is not knowing when workers will be showing up, and living with work mess once they leave. Home Tailors strives to minimize surprises and confusion. We'll be in frequent communication, so you know what to expect day-to-day, week-to-week. We'll clean up our workspace before we leave each day, and work hard to protect your landscaping.

Is it safe for my pet to be around during remodeling?

Yes—and we've never sealed in a cat. We work hard to maintain a safe environment for everybody. That said, you know your animals best. If they can cope with workers coming in and out of the house, work noise and other disruptions of a project zone, they'll do fine. We'll even make sure the fence gate stays closed.

How do you solve problems when they arise?

Collaboratively. The question goes to the quality of the relationships we build with you and our trade partners. We delight in solving problems common to remodeling. Some clients are more interested than others in learning about the techniques we use to solve on-site challenges. We are always happy to explain our approaches or to noodle ideas together to get the best possible outcome. Other clients prefer to stay at arm's length, which is fine with us, too.

How do you price remodeling projects?

Brick by brick, stick by stick, pipe by pipe. Thanks to our many years of experience completing projects of all types and sizes, we're skilled at creating estimates that reflect your project's unique conditions and your design preferences. Every quantifiable cost—hours, materials, permits, labor by subcontractors—is carefully documented throughout our tailored process. Our fixed bid ensures you're never surprised.

Do you do green remodeling?

Absolutely! Home Tailors has a strong focus on sustainability and experience in green building practices. Our first step is to do your project right the first time, because do-overs waste valuable resources. We also use ecofriendly materials and sustainable building practices wherever we can—assuming such practices meet with your desires.

Many of our clients value the lengths we go to reduce, reuse and recycle. We'd be happy to share examples of our green building practices with you. Also, please remember: Green may be interpreted in many ways. Some examples include using low VOC paints, reusing windows and doors, and incorporating new insulation technologies. So it's important for us to know how we can help you achieve your environmental goals.

How does the agreement and payment process work?

Simple. From discovery through construction phases, we bill you as we complete milestones.

Should I be concerned about Licensing, Bonding & Insurance?

Answer Here.

How do you bill us for your projects?