We are always delighted to meet you and listen to you talk about your home. As we listen, the wheels start to turn, we walk through your home and hear the dream, we visualize with you, we pet the dog, step over the cat and, if invited, share a common solution. Sometimes you may provide a sketch or drawings, with that, we listen and look and point. In all cases, we take the time to hear what matters. Dialogue gets it started.

And if you ask us not to involve you in every last detail, we'll hear that, too.

Even though listening never stops, the communication arrow starts to turn. We, in effect, talk back, to make sure our notes reflect not only what we heard, but what you said! Step by step, we create a clear and understandable description of your project. Sometimes with drawings, always with an organized and easy to read preliminary contract with generalized specifications and a ballpark project price. You read it, we read it together, you underline tasks, ask questions, make comments, explore options and re-establish priorities.

Home Tailors construction agreements are similarly detailed. We take pride in them. Better still, our clients tell us they're useful and beautiful.