Consider this your own personal home-remodeling toolbox. It's full of helpful things to think about, good books to peruse and some of our favorite resources on the topics of home remodeling, construction techniques, sustainability and-why not?-philosophy.

Ready to remodel? Here are some basic questions and ideas to consider:

Do you have or need an architectural plan?
Do you have a start or finish date in mind?
What is your budget range?
How long do you intend to live in your home?
Are you ready to live through a remodeling project?
Have you worked with contractors before?

Before you decide on a contractor, we encourage you to kick the tires. Your questions, your scrutiny and even your criticism will make the industry, and us, stronger.

Are you licensed, bonded and insured (including worker - compensation, comprehensive and liability insurance)?
Are you proud of your work? Can you provide references? Will you show me samples?
How much work do you get from repeat clients?
How important is safety to you and your workers?
How will I reach you to discuss the project? How quickly do you return calls?
Who will be my daily contact once my project gets going?
What kind of jobsite do you keep?
What hours do you work?
How will you minimize the stress of remodeling on me and my family?